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    What is Ideal Protein Protocol?

    Ideal Protein is a weight loss program based on a medically developed ketogenic diet. The protocol is divided into 4 phases designed not only to help you lose the weight but also educate you to achieve a healthier lifestyle and empower you to sustain your weight loss for life.

    How Does Ideal Protein Work?

    Obesity is one of the most significant health problems in the United States, and in most cases, it is associated with eating behavior and lifestyle choices.

    The Ideal Protein Protocol aims to address your relationship with food and help you set, achieve and maintain your weight loss goals through a 4-phase program.

    The some of the phases will overlap, as they are designed to help you achieve 100% of your weight loss while learning how specific food impact your metabolism and how to live healthier.

    Phase 1

    This phase will last until you achieve your ideal weight. Weight loss is obtained through a safe ketogenic diet.

    Phase 2

    Designed to help you learn and understand the fundamentals of food and how they can impact your body.

    Phase 3

    You will learn how to make smarter food and lifestyle choices, this will help you modify your existing eating behaviors, so you can sustain your weight loss results long term.

    During this phase, you will also be re-introduced to healthy carbohydrates and fats.

    Phase 4

    Congratulations! You have reached your Ideal weight, now you can work on maintaining the results with everything you have learned through your weight loss journey.

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    What is a Ketogenic Diet?

    A Ketogenic diet involves drastically reducing the number of carbohydrates we consume and replacing them with high quality protein and healthy fats.

    By cutting down your intake of carbohydrates puts your body in a state known as ketosis, when this happens your body becomes incredibly efficient at burning fat for energy. It also turns fat into ketones in the liver, which can supply energy to the brain.

    Studies have shown that a ketogenic diet can cause massive reductions in blood sugar and insulin levels, making it especially beneficial for those with diabetes.

    Is Ketosis Safe?

    Yes, in fact, ketosis is a normal metabolic process which occurs every time our metabolism uses fat as a primary energy source. As an example, our bodies enter a ketosis state while we sleep; as our blood sugar levels drop due to fasting our body must resort to breaking down fats to obtain the energy it requires.

    Who Is an Ideal Candidate?

    A recent report by the National Center of Health Statistics (NCHS) reveals a growing trend in obesity in the United States.

    According to the report in 2015-2016 39.8% of adults and 18.5% of youth in the United States were considered obese, a sharp increase from 1999-2000 where 30.5% of adults and 13.9% of youth were cataloged as obese.

    These worrying statistics only highlight the importance of safe weight loss programs like the Ideal Protein protocol.

    The program offers exceptional results for anyone who:

    • Has struggled with their weight for a long time, and whom dieting never seems to work
    • Has suffered the Yo-Yo effect, where they lose weight only to gain it back in a short time
    • Patients with high cholesterol
    • Patients with high blood pressure
    • Patients with type II diabetes
    • Anyone who does not have time to prepare healthy meals

    What are the Health Benefits of This Plan?

    Studies have shown patients on the Ideal Protein Protocol experienced significant improvements in:

    • Blood Pressure
    • Lipid Profile (Cholesterol and Triglycerides)
    • Blood Sugar levels

    Thanks to the successful weight loss, the Ideal Protein Protocol can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

    What Makes This Plan Unique?

    There are many aspects of this weight loss protocol that make it unique:

    • Although it is based on a ketogenic diet principle, unlike other plans the Ideal Protein reduces not only the number of carbohydrates but also of fats and replaces them with protein. This way muscle mass is protected, and participants only lose fat.
    • It offers an entirely different approach to weight issues. By the time you reach your ideal weight, you will have transformed your body’s ability to metabolize sugars and re-educated your pancreas to produce the right amount of insulin.
    • It features up to 20 grams of protein per serving, that is twice as much as other programs
    • It provides a high biological protein, complete with eight essential amino acids that provides maximum assimilation and absorption.
    • It is better at reducing toxicity than most other protein diets because it features less saturated fats, no trans fats, and no aspartame.

    What to Expect from Your Ideal Protein Experience?

    We always strive to exceed our client’s expectations from any of our treatments, and the Ideal Protein Protocol is no exception. Here is what you can expect when you enroll in the Ideal Protein Protocol at Revivify Lean Clinic:

    • Our highly trained coach will help you set realistic weight loss goals based on your individual health profile, which will be pre evaluated by physician.
    • You will learn about nutrition and how the body gains and loses weight
    • You will have access to online tools as well as ongoing support to maximize your success
    • Easy to prepare, affordable and savory meals as well as “keto” recipes
    • You will obtain valuable lifestyle education, coaching and guidance to help you sustain your weight loss results

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