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Customized Facial Rejuvenation: ViVi Nonsurgical Facelift – Your Unique Path to Timeless Elegance

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Customized Facial Rejuvenation: ViVi Nonsurgical Facelift – Your Unique Path to Timeless Elegance

Introducing the ViVi Nonsurgical Facelift – an exclusive in-office procedure offered by Revivify Medical Spa and meticulously crafted to meet the individual needs of each patient. Spearheaded by the skilled hands of Dr. Lubna Elahi, this custom treatment is designed to rejuvenate the facial features with a focus on the organic structure from chin to temples, often referred to as the coveted “V” shape of the face.

Tailored Transformation for Your Unique Beauty

Unlike traditional facelifts, the ViVi Nonsurgical Facelift is a personalized journey towards timeless elegance. Dr. Lubna Elahi’s expertise shines as she tailors each treatment to match the distinct contours of your face, ensuring a natural and harmonious result. This bespoke approach considers your facial structure, skin condition, and desired outcome.

Before & After

Customized Facial Rejuvenation

The Components of ViVi Nonsurgical Facelift

Within the realm of this groundbreaking treatment, several techniques are seamlessly woven together to achieve the desired outcome. Your customized ViVi Nonsurgical Facelift may encompass one or more of the following components:


  1. PDO Threads Lift: These dissolvable threads are carefully inserted beneath the skin to lift sagging tissues and stimulate collagen production, resulting in a firmer and more youthful appearance.


  1. Dermal Fillers: Strategic placement of dermal fillers can restore lost volume, smooth out wrinkles, and contour the face for a revitalized and refreshed look.


  1. PRP Injection: Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is derived from your blood and is rich in growth factors. When injected, PRP can promote tissue regeneration, improve skin texture, and enhance overall radiance.


  1. Neurotoxin like Botox: Neurotoxins like Botox are expertly administered to target specific muscles responsible for wrinkles, creating a smoother, more relaxed appearance.

Unveiling the “V” Shape of Your Dreams

The hallmark of the ViVi Nonsurgical Facelift lies in its ability to rejuvenate the facial features by accentuating the elegant “V” shape that frames your beauty. This non-invasive procedure offers a harmonious blend of artistry and medical science, resulting in a rejuvenated, more youthful version of yourself.

What to Expect

Upon consultation with Dr. Lubna Elahi, a tailored plan will be developed to address your unique goals and concerns. During the treatment, you can anticipate a comfortable experience, and depending on the specific components involved, minimal downtime may be expected.

Consider embracing the journey to timeless elegance with the ViVi Nonsurgical Facelift at Revivify Medical Spa. Experience the transformative power of this exclusive procedure, where the essence of your individual beauty is celebrated and enhanced. Reclaim the “V” shape of your face and revel in the radiance that is uniquely you.

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