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Weight Loss Resolution Challenge – Keys to Making it Happen!

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Let’s Make it Happen!

A new year has begun, and with it come all our efforts to improve parts of our life by making New Year’s resolutions.
Making a conscious effort to improve ourselves is always a positive experience, and yet most American’s have entered the eternal loop of making and failing to keep the same New Year’s resolutions year after year.
According to a survey conducted in 2017, these are the top three resolutions Americans make:

  • 53% said they wanted to save more money
  • 45% vowed to lose weight and get in shape
  • For 25% the goal was to have more sex

As well-intentioned as we may be, the reality is that approximately 80% of those resolutions fail to be accomplished. Instead of improving our lives, we are left feeling frustrated, depressed and disappointed in ourselves.

Why Do Weight Loss Resolutions Fail?

Most New Year’s resolutions are motivated by Holiday remorse. During this festive time, we throw caution to the wind and allow ourselves to overindulge in all our guilty pleasures, promising that come January 1st we will join a gym and buy the newest diet book and mend all our wrongs.
Unfortunately, staying motivated long enough to fulfill our promises can be challenging, and without proper guidance, we can end up causing more damage than good. Fad diets that are not based on scientific research at best will result in us gaining all the weight back, in the worst scenario, it can cause severe damage to our body and mind.

How Can the Ideal Protein Protocol Benefit You?

This weight loss protocol works differently than most other diets, because it not only aims to make you look good, it’s been designed to help improve your overall health.
This protocol has undergone extensive medical tests and results show that participants were able to:

  • Reduce their Blood Pressure Levels
  • Reduce their Cholesterol and Triglyceride blood levels
  • Reduce their Blood Sugar Levels
  • Reduce their Risk of Developing Cardiovascular Disease

Additionally, the ketogenic diet will your body become highly efficient in burning fat while at the same time maintaining your muscle mass. This will cause your body to become leaner and stronger faster than with other diet plans.
Because some of the Ideal Protein Protocol phases overlap, you will start noticing rapid changes not just in your physical appearance but also in your mental and emotional states. The basis of the program is to educate.  Dr. Lubna Elahi and coach Humaira Elahi will teach you how different foods affect your metabolism, how we gain weight, and how to make simple yet impactful changes in your lifestyle choices that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Tips to Guarantee Weight Loss Success!

The Ideal Protein Ketogenic Protocol is sufficient on its own, and the guidance and support you will receive from the staff of Revivify Medical Spa will make losing weight easy and straightforward. Yet, we can all use a few extra tips to ensure our weight loss goals are achieved.

  • Plan Ahead: Most dieters derail because they find themselves in places where they don’t have the right meal options to choose from. To avoid this, plan your meals ahead of time if you will be dining out, make sure to pick a restaurant that offers menu choices that fit your diet plan
  • Never Skip a Meal: This includes snacks, the Ideal Protein meal plan has been carefully designed to provide you with all the nutrients required, following the meal plan will help your metabolism speed up and become a lean, mean fat burning machine.
  • Don’t Rush Through Your Meal Times: Take time to sit down and enjoy your meal, conscious eating will help you keep track of your meal portions, and your digestive system will thank you.
  • Drink Plenty of Water: Proper hydration is essential if you want to be in optimal health, and it’s one of the cornerstones of the Ideal Protein Protocol. Water can help curve your cravings, a lot of the times when we think we are hungry we are just thirsty.
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Make 2019 finally the time for you to reveal a healthier and leaner version of yourself.  With the help of Revivify Medical Spa and the Ideal Protein Ketogenic Protocol, your weight loss goals will become a reality.

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