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Slimmer Me Special!

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It’s Springtime and most of us would love to find a genie to tell him, “I wish for a Slimmer Me!”  The reality is that you don’t need a genie, you just need to call us at Revivify Medical Spa to lock down your Slimmer Me Spring Body Ready Special!

$500 OFF All Body Sculpting & Slimming Packages

Cellulite and Fat Reduction Sale

When the heat gets turned up, the lovely Springtime styles are all around.  Many of us sigh and think, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to fit into that new Spring outfit?” Well, the SLIMMER ME Special is exactly what we need right now.  All of our Body Sculpting & Slimming Packages from the exclusive BTL Aesthetics line are $500 OFF!  This is a perfect time to get a head start at slimming down for the Spring and a head start for a bikini body for the summer!

HURRY! Offer expires April 30, 2019.


Introducting the Body Sculpting & Slimming Technologies that Kick Coolsculpting’s Butt



The Non-Invasive Alternative to Liposuction! FDA approved Vanquish Me™ is a large “Touch-less Spot Size” device that uses radio frequency to break down (vanquish) and expel those stubborn fat cells. Winner of the “Best Non-Surgical Body Shaping Device Award”. This fat removal treatment allows you to lose inches without going under the knife.



Non-Invasive Body Contouring and Toning from Head to Toe. FDA approved for cellulite reduction, BTL Exilis Ultra™ uses dual technology of radio frequency and ultrasound to help with mobilizing the fat and provide skin tightening simultaneously.


Get Rid of Cellulite! BTL Cellutone™ cellulite treatment uses acoustic ultrasound technology to shake up cellulite, break down fat cells and expel them through the lymphatic system. Best if used in combination with BTL Vanquish Me™ and BTL Exilis Ultra™.  Switch that orange peel skin for the silking silhouette look.

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Consultation Special
Get $50 OFF per Person or $150 OFF per Couple

SLIP INTO A SLIMMER YOU starting this Spring with Ideal Protein! Get $50 OFF or Bring a Friend & Save More! Get $150 OFF per Couple! Look Good, Feel Good, Medically Safe and 100% Doable. Ideal Protein is a Medically Developed Ketogenic Weight Loss & Weight Management Protocol. HURRY! Offer expires April 30, 2019. Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals is Just a Call Away.

CALL: 1 409-203-7482 or Hello@Revivifymedicalspa.com.

Dr. Lubna Elahi is a Family Physician, Exclusively Board Certified in Aesthetic Medicine. Read More About Ideal Protein.


Benefits of Ideal Protein – It’s Not Just Weight Loss!

Most individuals will obtain significant benefits from following a healthy, balanced, scientifically proven keto diet like the Lean Protein program.

The Lean Protein protocol will help you to achieve nutritional ketosis, which is known to improve:

  • Weight loss
  • Blood glucose control in diabetes
  • Epilepsy
  • Overall metabolic health

Research also suggests that nutritional ketosis may have benefits for people with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and may help to reduce the chance of developing certain forms of cancer.

Board Certified Doctors – Board Certification in Family Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine

At Revivify Medical Spa, we strive to be the top quality Texas Medical Spa through experience, knowledge, and technology. It is our firm belief that everyone is naturally beautiful in their own way. We help you reinvent your natural beauty by engaging you in a personalized experience implementing medical grade aesthetic and skin care treatments. Using the latest non-surgical medical spa technologies, we obtain the same results that were previously only available through conventional plastic surgery.

Safe, Secure & Affordable Medical Spa Treatments & Technologies performed by Doctors.
We offer Highly Competitive Prices for Medical Grade Aesthetic Treatments.

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