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Dr. Lubna Elahi

Founder & Partner at Revivify Medical Spa

Family Physician, Exclusively Board Certified in Aesthetic medicine.

I will make your visit Comfortable, Affordable and Memorable.

In 1994, Dr. Lubna Elahi started her career as a board certified Family physician in New York and is currently board certified in Aesthetic medicine. She got extensive training in 2015 with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and has extensive expertise and experience in all Medical grade aesthetic skin, face and body treatments.

She has served the community in Beaumont since 1996 with prime focus on women’s health and preventative medicine. 

She feels it’s important to help her clients in all aspects of their lives, whether it’s health or beauty. Her passion towards improving her patients’ self-esteem and confidence led her to the field of aesthetic medicine.  “While I was treating their illnesses, I couldn’t help notice their skin and beauty needs.” She also practiced in affiliation with a renowned plastic surgeon in 2016 with extensive focus on injectables and lasers.


As a physician, I learn and understand my client’s medical history in order to give them the best advise for their aesthetic needs.
Dr. Lubna Elahi

Delaying skin aging  and maintenance of beauty is very vital in her aesthetic practice as well. Her philosophy is that aesthetic skin care process should start early in life and be as natural and comforting as possible. 

Dr Elahi is extremely passionate about her work and deals with her clients with compassion and diligence. She takes pride in delivering the highest quality aesthetic treatments that provide ultimate satisfaction and build the trust in her clientele.

I strive to help my clients reach their desired goals through personalized guidance, relentless work, compassion and understanding.
– Dr. Lubna Elahi

I want to help my clients reinvent their natural beauty and feel confident about themselves, because they are all beautiful in their own way.

Dr. Elahi

  • Board Certified Family Physician in New York

  • Serving the Beaumont Community

    1996 - Today

    Prime focus on women's health and preventative medicine.

  • Board Certified in Aesthetic Medicine

    American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine2015 - Present
  • Practice in Affiliation with a Renowned Plastic Surgeon


    Extensive focus on injectables and lasers.

  • Founder & Partner

    Revivify Medical SpaMarch 6th, 2017

    Opening of Medical Spa & Aesthetics Clinic. Setting the Aesthetics Bar in Texas

Be ready to look naturally beautiful and love yourself everyday.

“My personalized guidance will address all levels of your aesthetic needs whether it’s prevention, correction or maintenance.”

Dr. Elahi

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“It will be my pleasure to make your visit comfortable, affordable and memorable.”  – Dr. Lubna Elahi