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Risks of Medical Spas – Safe vs. Unsafe

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Safe vs. Unsafe - Know the Risks of Medical Spas

When it comes to medical beauty treatments there are a lot of options to choose from and a lot of venues offering services, but have you ever wondered are these establishments safe?

The Difference Between a Day Spa and A Medical Spa

The risks of medical spas are real.  However, by taking the time to conduct a little research, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a wonderful medical spa.  The first step is to make a distinction between what a medical spa offers in comparison to the more common day spas.

A day spa is a place where individuals go to feel pampered, get a massage, a facial, a body wrap.  As none of these are considered medical procedures, any well-trained aesthetician can provide said services.

A medical spa, however, offers more complex medical treatments based on science and technology that aim to prevent, correct, or otherwise improve an aesthetic condition in the patient. Since medical spas offer medical procedures, a physician should be the one making the treatment decisions along with the patient. Furthermore, a doctor should be the one performing the medical procedure to ensure the patient’s safety.

difference between a medical spa and day spa

Risks of Medical Spas - Texas Legal Void Created a Safety Issue


Non-invasive aesthetic medical treatments are largely unregulated in the United States, an issue which concerns many doctors because the well-being of the patients could be jeopardized.

In Texas, board-certified doctors are not required to be present during the treatments after the Texas Medical Board Rule 193.17 was invalidated back in 2014. This rule sought to impose restrictions on who could practice cosmetic medical treatments. The invalidation came due to a contradiction in the wording of the rule which, on one hand, stated that doctors did not need to be physically present during the treatment.  The rule dictates that the doctors just needed to be available to treat any complications, but the reasoning behind the rule was that the physical presence of a physician during the procedures to personally treat and supervise the procedure and any complications arising from the treatment, ensuring patient safety.

The invalidation of this rule left the entire field of medical aesthetic treatments in the state of Texas open for potentially unqualified individuals to perform medical treatments.  Some medical spas opt to cut corners, placing the health and life of patients at risk solely for financial gain.

Nurse Practitioner vs. Board-Certified Doctors

What is the Real Difference to You?

board certified doctors performing your medical aesthetic treatments

One of the biggest risks of medical spas, is that a lot of medical spas seek affiliations with doctors, but these hardly ever visit the facilities and when they do is only to sign charts; they seldom see patients much less perform any of the procedures themselves, that task is delegated to a nurse practitioner.

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse who has received additional training to be able to diagnose and treat routine minor ailments.

While these individuals are trained in the medical field, they do not have the same level of knowledge, training, or experience a board-certified doctor has, and should any complication arise, they may not be able to properly diagnose or treat it on their own.

The Importance of Having a Board-Certified Doctor Perform Your Medical Aesthetic Treatment

The reality is that even though the treatments offered at a medical spa are non-invasive or minimally-invasive and are usually very safe, any medical treatment has risks.

Being able to diagnose and treat any adverse effect a patient may experience during the course of their treatment is crucial to guarantee the safety and well-being of the patient.

Not All Medical Spas are Created Alike.

How Most Medical Spas are Cutting Corners

The decision to hire nurse practitioners to perform the treatments instead of hiring board-certified physicians is a purely financial one. A lot of medical spas are owned by individuals who are not doctors. This means they cannot perform the procedures themselves and must hire someone to do so.

If they were to hire doctors to work full time at their establishments this would represent a costly investment.  For this reason, what many of these individuals have done is to hire a physician who may or may not have any qualifications in aesthetic medicine to back up their operation. These physicians perform the tasks of signing the charts and writing the prescriptions for any medications the patient may need during or after their treatment. The bulk of the responsibilities are delegated to the nurse practitioners who work at the spa.

The main problem is that patients don’t really understand the difference in the quality of care they would receive from a doctor versus a nurse practitioner.  All patients should research a medical spa before selecting it, not only of the treatment and the technology behind it, but also the person performing it.

Medical Spas operated by doctors have stricter controls on the environment where the treatments are conducted compared to spas operated by non-doctors. It is extremely important that all medical equipment and surrounding areas are sterilized before and after any patient visit, this serves to reduce the spread of infection.  The risks of medical spas are significantly minimized by having a board-certified doctor performing the treatments.

revivify medical spa operated by doctors - southeast texas

A patient’s decision to have non-surgical cosmetic medical treatments is usually based on the idea that they will look and feel better. Being able to provide an extra level of security and professionalism to these patients is what drives the doctors at Revivify Medical Spa.  Unlike our competitors, all consultations and medical treatments are performed by our board-certified doctors and not by a nurse practitioner.

Doctors with over twenty years of experience in delivering premium Texas health care.

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Board Certified Doctors – Exclusive Board Certification of Aesthetic Medicine

At Revivify Medical Spa, we strive to be the top quality Texas Medical Spa through experience, knowledge, and technology. It is our firm belief that everyone is naturally beautiful in their own way. We help you reinvent your natural beauty by engaging you in a personalized experience implementing medical grade aesthetic and skin care treatments. Using the latest non-surgical medical spa technologies, we obtain the same results that were previously only available through conventional plastic surgery.

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The Doctors of Beauty of Southeast Texas

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Dr. Afia Naqvi

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Board certified Internal Medicine physician with extensive experience and practice in Aesthetic Medicine. “The hallmark of my practice is Honesty, Empathy, Quality and Reliability.


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